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Snap-in | DPST | Slim Power inlet filter combined a DPST switch and an IEC 60320 inlet

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Medical-compliance power entry modules with EMI/RFI filter is used in order to suppress conducted interference that present on a signal or power line. These power entry modules takes all the advantages in a compact solution providing efficient mounting to solve noise problems.
Medical EMI/RFI filters can be used to suppress interference that is generated by the medical devices or by other medical equipment in order make a device more immune to electromagnetic interference signals present in the environment.
These power entry modules consist of components that suppress differential and common mode interference, and comply with the international medical device EMC standard - IEC 60601.

General conducted attenuation performance 
Current rating 1A~10A
With miniature DPST rocker switch 
With IEC320 AC socket and fuse holder 
Snap-in mount

Controls and communication systems 
Surveillance system 
Medical power supply 
Diagnostic imaging device 
Clinical chemistry analyzer