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Defects per million opportunities (DPMO) is 3.4, it means almost perfect manufacturing process with 99.99966% of good product achieving.
We developed the semi-automatic testing machines for analyzing according to the PPAP, PFMEA, CPK, MSA, SPC:

High & Low 0% 0.15% 0.65%
General <0.1% 0.65%~1% 2.5%~4%

H&L has a safety-testing & reliability-testing laboratory with thorough gauges, the main items of testing are plastic materials (sockets, switch, plastic cover)、metal materials (case, spring, terminal)、electric materials (X/Y cap., bleeder resistor, ferrite core)、semi-product and finished product.


  • RoHS
  • Voltage-withstand
  • Flammability
  • IR
  • Drop
  • Salt spray
  • Switch MTBF
  • Carton strength
  • Cap. charge-discharge
  • Dimension
  • Appearance


  • Soldering
  • Voltage-withstand
  • AC leakage
  • IR
  • Screw torque
  • Workmanship
  • Terminals Push / Pull
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Dimension
  • Appearance


  • Hi-pot (full inspection)
  • LCR (full inspection)
  • Soldering
  • Ground impedance
  • Flammability
  • IR
  • Salt spray
  • Switch On / Off
  • Screw torque
  • Terminals Push / Pull
  • Ball pressure
  • Electrical conductivity
  • RoHS
  • HSF
  • Dimension
  • Appearance

H&L’s products come with a manufacturer's warranty of 5 years and the manufacturer's warranty shall expire 5 years after delivery ex works (date of delivery note).

The manufacturer's warranty warrants that all products sold are functionally defect-free and comply with safety standards within 5 years from the date of delivery. Where possible, H&L shall be liable for the selective repair or replacement of any defective product.

The result of fair wear and tear or poor maintenance, improper use or operation is not considered a defect under the warranty policy.

When a failure in product is found, please contact ours or distributors or sales partners first.

Customer must examine the product immediately upon their receipt and delivery and must give written notice of defects of any kind to H&L immediately after detecting any such defects. In particular, any damage arising from transportation must be communicated to H&L in writing within no later than 3 working days (72 hours) after receipt of the goods. In addition, customer must provide proper and immediate written notification of any such defects to carrier, supplier and vendor. Any and all rights of customer under this manufacturer warranty shall be deemed forfeited, and H&L shall be under no obligations of any kind towards customer under this manufacturer's warranty, if and to the extent defects that were not properly reported and notified in due time.

The decision whether product is to be replaced or repaired shall rest solely with H&L. Rectification of the defect may be effected by H&L service staff or any third-parties commissioned by H&L. Without prejudice to the terms and conditions of this manufacturer's warranty, H&L in particular reserves the right to replace a defective product by a functionally compatible successor model if no identical model is available, or to make modifications to it which do not adversely affect the specified functionalities of product.

Any replaced components or parts must be handed over and be ceded to H&L by customer and title to and ownership in any such components or parts shall after completion of such services, automatically vest in H&L in consideration of the services rendered hereunder and explicitly without further compensation.

Free Repair*
Repair is free of charge when the following cases apply:

  1. The product returned is still within warranty period and defects are due to component failure.
  2. Defects are due to H&L’s manufacturing and design errors.

    *Cost covered by H&L: 
     (1) Costs of transportation from and to the place of delivery. But if any potential additional costs for on-site services or additional cost of transportation to installation sites which deviate from the original place of delivery are charged by H&L to the account of customer.
     (2) Costs of rectification of production.

Charged Repair**
Repair is charged when the following cases apply:

  1. Products' warranty period has expired.
  2. Electrical or physical damages are caused by customer.
  3. Non-observance of the recommendations and instructions contained in the specification of H&L.
  4. Applying force, external impact or influence.
  5. Inappropriate installation, particularly by unauthorized electricians or maintenance or unauthorized reworks, modifications or repair attempts without prior written approval from H&L.
  6. The product returned is over 6 months from first operation but no problem is found after analysis by H&L.
  7. Improper use, ambient conditions beyond the published specifications or inappropriate operating conditions.
  8. Force majeure or any other events beyond the control or influence of H&L.
  9. Any wear and tear caused by utilization.
  10. Transportation damages.
  11. Any defects or damages to product containing spare parts that are neither original H&L parts nor parts recommended by H&L.

   **If any additional costs or expenditure are incurred by H&L due to accessibility problems for services under this manufacturer's warranty, H&L shall be entitled to charge these to the account of customer. H&L will invoice such expenditures and costs as well as any additional expenditure for possible adaptations, changed or address modifications to the account of customer.

Warranty after Repair
As for the products whose regular warranty period has expired, the repaired products will have a 3-month warranty from delivery ex works (date of delivery note).

Any changes will be considered approved unless H&L’s contract/sales subsidiaries/distributors lodges written objection against any changes within 10 days of notification.

Possible promises or extensions concerning the manufacturer’s warranty, written or oral, which digress from official manufacturer’s warranty policy or manufacturer’s extended warranty policy, are not authorized and invalid.

Performance of services by H&L service staff or any third-parties commissioned by H&L under this manufacturer's warranty shall neither imply the interruption or extension of the warranty period for the affected or replaced product nor shall a new warranty period be put into force.

In the event of grey imports of product into countries in which they are not authorised or permitted, this manufacturer's warranty shall not be applicable and any claims of customer under this manufacturer's warranty are explicitly excluded by H&L.

H&L reserves the right to require a copy of the original proof of purchase (delivery note) or any other suitable documents from customer in order to determine the applicability of this manufacturer's warranty. If these cannot be procured and evidenced by customer, this manufacturer's warranty shall not apply and any claims of customer under this manufacturer's warranty are excluded.

Warranty Exclusion
No rights or claims of customer shall exist under this manufacturer's warranty, and all such rights or claims shall be excluded to the fullest extent legally permissible, in respect of the following:

  1. Any defects or damages not attributable to proven material or manufacturing defects.
  2. Any consequential damage to product and/or any other devices, equipment and installations.
  3. The serial or item number of product has been modified, removed or unrecognizable.
  4. Any defects or damages caused by, contributable to or increased by non-observance of the applicable or prevailing standards/directives and/or safety provisions.
  5. Any defects or damages caused by, contributable to or increased by overload or electrical power failures.
  6. Any defects or damages caused by, contributable to or increased by ingress of foreign objects.

Any further or other claims or rights of customer or third parties arising out of or in connection with any actual or alleged defects and/or damages of product are explicitly excluded by H&L, including (without limitation) any possible claim for rescission of contract or reduction of purchase price. H&L shall in no event be liable towards customer for any further damages, consequential damages, indirect damages, damages to third parties and/or reimbursement or compensation of any kind, for example for business interruption, downtime, lost profits, financing costs, loss of data and information or any indirect consequential damage.