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The problem of electromagnetic wave arising from IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) should not be taken lightly

2021/02/18 > Back

Factories are often full of noise, but in fact, it is not only human hearing that is damaged; various invisible electronic noises can also damage sensors and communication systems; In the IIoT environment, there are often a large number of wired and wireless sensors and communication networks, but these factories have been established decades ago, when there was no low-power technology, In the past, factory designers did not consider the IIoT therefore they did not consider the need to minimize electromagnetic emissions within GHz; As a result, the problems of electromagnetic interference (EMI) in factory is significantly serious, it may cause various EMC problems to sensors or data storage systems.

For example, electric welding machines may generate radiated waves, this device may require less than 1V of electricity and may be easily affected by power supply and underground cables; Traditional factories use high-voltage AV and DC systems, which may cause many EMC-related problems; And, various machines that operate repeatedly, such as CNC machines or motors, also produce electromagnetic interference; Wires may become large antennas, which will transmit internal and external electronic noise.

To design a good EMC environment under the IIoT, multiple aspects need to be considered, it requires extensive modifications of many installations, such as rearranging infrastructure and rebuilding a power distribution system. Generally, the use of wire packaging materials that are not affected by the signal can help improve the situation, although the initial cost is high, it is still much cheaper to prevent beforehand than to solve EMC problems later; At the device level, the electromagnetic generated in one area on the PCB may affect another area on the same board, therefore, good design and wiring skills are the key, for example using low voltage components or reducing the electromagnetic surface area of ​​the circuit board; On the system side, install an EMI filter into machine or power supply can easily solve EMC problems, for example a high performance 3 phase filter of SCB58 series are mostly installed in IT distribution network.

In summary, the IIoT needs to integrate low-power wireless devices into the environment full of electromagnetic waves, to have a good EMC design, you need to pay attention to different levels, and each one is indispensable.

Data source: digitimes