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Contactless commerce - POS

2021/03/26 > Back

During the outbreak, contactless devices were widely used, and distance was proven to be a fairly effective way to prevent the spread of the outbreak. The pandemic has changed how shoppers think about touching items in a retail store. Shoppers are concerned about touching merchandise, carts, registers, and more that have been touched by strangers. COVID-19 has heightened shoppers’ awareness and concern about touching common surfaces; In the post-pandemic world, consumers will continue to pay attention to health issues, which is why contactless commerce is one retailers must consider all aspects of the consumer’s journey and the important ways they can make the process contactless, safe, and convenient, at which point POS (or KIOSK) machines play a key role.

In order to make the checkout line shorter, most POS machines are equipped with complete devices, such as automatic cash registers, scanners, printers, card reader and pole display, so there is a lot of potential interference, if you connect the power plug of multiple devices to the same wall socket, in addition to the outlet may overheat, but also may cause electromagnetic interference to cause these devices to work abnormally; The industrial PC in its register is the most sensitive part of the entire POS machine to electromagnetic interference, so its electromagnetic compatibility (including radiation immunity and conduction immunity) must be strictly considered when designing and manufacturing POS, because if interfered, it may result in errors in amount, software system, stop trading, etc.

POS is different from a consumer PC in that it is quickly replaced, though PC’s spec are updated fast, but most manufacturers of POS tend to favor reliability and durability (waterproof, etc.) over having the latest, fastest hardware. It’s also not uncommon for hardware manufacturers to be providing 2 or 3 year warranty with the purchase of such systems, a stable POS can usually be used for 5 to 6 years, and one of the factors that determines is electromagnetic interference. Choose H&L’s IEC inlet EMI filter for your POS can effectively improve the reliability of POS system.