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BESS (Battery Energy Storage System)

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The BESS mainly consists of several batteries and rectifiers/inverters along with transformers and protective circuit devices. The core elements are: Battery、Battery management system (BMS)、Power conversion system (PCS)、Energy management system (EMS)、Safety systems.

Operation mode of BESS depends on application that can be in islanded mode for powering loads with electric energy and stable frequency and voltage control, or in grid connected mode for battery charging and frequency and voltage support, especially in low voltage networks.

The French consulting firm Yole Développement estimates the "stationery storage" market could be a $13.5 billion opportunity by 2023.

Why is BESS widely popular in different industries and application areas?
Because any electrical power grid must match electricity production to consumption, both of which vary drastically over time. Electricity generated by intermittent sources (derived from solar, tidal and wind sources) inherently varies – the amount of electricity produced varies with time of day, moon phase, season, and random factors such as the weather.  Thus, intermittent electricity (renewable energy) in the absence of storage have to be transmitted for sale elsewhere, or shut down. In an electrical grid without energy storage, generation that relies on energy stored within fuels (coal, biomass, natural gas, nuclear) must be scaled up and down to match the rise and fall of electrical production from intermittent sources. Due to mismatch between electricity generation and demand causes variations in frequency, control services are required to bring the frequency back to its nominal value and ensure it does not vary out of range. BESS (battery energy storage system) is a solution to manage energy proactively. It can utilize solar and wind power efficiently at all times and in all weathers. Rechargeable batteries can store excess energy generated by intermittent renewables. This energy can be dispatched according to the users’ needs. Also, one of the most function of BESS is Frequency and Voltage Control: A BESS can ensure the stability of an electricity grid or power system through voltage and frequency regulation. Because of its fast response time, a BESS becomes an efficiently ancillary services to maintain grid stability and security.

A BESS can help power stations and electricity grids restore quickly after power outages. Instead of using a diesel generator, consumers can take to a battery storage system. A BESS can work independently of the grid’s transmission line and supply energy for the time required—from minutes to hours.

Up to now, battery energy storage systems are preferred for their price advantages, especially for residential applications. For example, in residential applications, BESS can be three-phase four-wire (3P4W) to feed single or three phase loads and solar inverter with symmetrical voltages.

Within a BESS, the major areas of concern are protection against electrical overcurrent, ground faults, arc flash, and transient overvoltage, and we High & Low Corp. offers product focusing on EMI and power line noise filtering that can protect your system and extend the life of your equipment. So that the influence of electromagnetic interference (EMI) shall not result in a change in state or miss-operation of the generating facility interconnection system.

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