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KVM switch will be affected by electromagnetic interference (EMI)

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A KVM switch (with KVM being an abbreviation for "keyboard, video and mouse") is called a multi-computer switcher and is a hardware device that allows a user to manipulate multiple computers from one or more sets of keyboards, video monitors, and mice.

KVM switch differs in the number of computers that can be connected, traditional switching configurations range from 2 to 64 possible computers attached to a single device. Enterprise-grade KVM switch interconnected via daisy-chained can support more computers equally accessed by any given user console. KVM switch is ideal for remotely managing geographically distributed IT equipment.

The key benefits of employing a KVM switch are: Reducing unnecessary clutter and saving more space while IT administrators can centralized real-time updating and maintenance instead of exhausting in data centers or rack cabinets, also increase work efficiency.  

In addition to the price, here’re some considerations when choosing your KVM switch: Understand the environmental complexity to be managed, such as how many computers and servers to control, and the scalable for your future needs. In some large-scale manufacturing, finance and telecommunications, their computer rooms are in a very large number of computers and servers, so they have to use multiple sets of KVM to manage, and also need to maintain the stability of multiple devices running at the same time, electromagnetic interference (EMI) is often one of the important reasons that indirectly affect the stability.

Currently mainstream and widely used by most industrial users in KVM's electric cable is CAT5, it is an electronic wire used to connect near-end and remote equipment, when installing KVM switch, some installation manuals will require users to set up CAT5 as far as possible from potential sources of electromagnetic interference (EMI), such as power cords, transformers or even lighting fixtures.

As the above, the signal quality of a KVM switch is extremely sensitive and susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI), so, a KVM switch with an EMI filter will be able to perform a high stability when it is running, and the data signal is not easily abnormal or lost by electromagnetic noise, and can maintain a better network transmission quality; At present, the corresponding EMC safety standards of KVM switch are FCC, UL/cUL, CE Class B.

Select KVM switch with an EMI filter to ensure that KVM you use comply with EMC safety standards so it will switch smoothly, also prevent it from susceptible to electromagnetic interference and protect your devices while improving data security.