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Rating 1~30A | CEAC type Small size power line EMI filters with plastic housing design

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Single phase EMI/EMC filters has alternative single stage power line filters and multiple stages power line filters. These single phase noise filters are metal chassis mounted or plastic chassis mounted. Our single phase EMI/EMC filters contains general purpose single stage EMI filters、high performance two-stage EMI filters and excellent performance multi-stage EMI filters.
It can be easily modified to meet customer’s needs, the single phase EMI/RFI filters full of variety of solutions with full range of rated current and component characteristic.

Premium attenuation of common-mode noise 
Current rating 1A~30A
Single stage power line filter 
Light weigth, small size plastic housing design 
Integrated nut is in hinged cover for reliable ring lug wiring
International protection code: IP40

Ultrasonic welding machine 
Electric appliance cabinet 
Medical device (not body-coupled) 
High power office equipment