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Rating 7~180A | SCB58 SCB58 series | 3 phase power line EMI filters in compact book-style design

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The 3 phase filters are particularly suitable for the mechanical, automation and power management system.
3 phase filters providing with excellent attenuation performance and high reliability in EMC solutions, are approved for nominal voltages up to 600VAC and rated currents up to 400A, and approved by UL, cUL, ENEC and CQC making them suitable for use in high power systems.
3 phase EMI filters has different mechanical configurations available, with book and flat solutions and with DIN rail mounting in plastic case versions serves to meet different requirements in terms of compactness

Excellent conducted attenuation performance   
Current rating 7A~180A
Extremely low leakage current values    
Light weight metal housing design
Touch-safe connections

International protection code: IP20

HVAC system   
Motor driver   
Process control system     
Power management system